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You will never feel bored in Turkey!  thumbnail

You will never feel bored in Turkey!

Turkey is known for its beautiful historical places and vibrant night life, just some of the reasons why it draws visitors from across the world. A guest author has given us a brief overview of a couple of tourist spots and nightlife activities in this wonderful country.

Here are some of the tourist spots to be visited in Turkey:

1. Hagia Sophia:

This spot is located in the city of Istanbul. It was constructed in the sixth century by the Eastern Roman Emperor. It is a massive dome which is 31 meters in diameter. This dome is the largest enclosed space in the whole world. In 1935, it was converted into a museum to become a tourist attraction. It is currently ranked as the number one spot in Turkey.

2. Goreme Fairy Chimneys

This famous spot is situated in Cappadocia, which is renowned for its historical sites. These fascinating chimneys have been formed due to the combination of volcanic layers and fast-moving wind. A very thin layer of basalt covers a thick layer of tuff - which is less resistant to erosion than its overlying layer. Any openings or cracks in the basalt cause the tuff to be washed away or erode, leading to the formations over time.

3. Library of Celsus

These ruins, which are situated on the west coast, are one of the most famous tourist attractions of Turkey. In 401 AD they were destroyed by the archbishop. Despite this, you can still spot some of the structures, which include a theatre and library. Blue Mosque, Oludeniz, Mount Nemrut, and Bodrum Castle are some of the other famous destinations that will make sure you never feel bored.
Turkey is also famous for its night life. Here are some of the shows hosted by different cities:

1. Night in Cappadocia

A host will pick you up from your accommodation for an entertaining evening in cave hotels. The show is especially put together to display the culture and traditions of Turkey. The 10 minute opening ceremony depicts everything about the show. It starts with traditional singing by various performers wearing different costumes, after which group dances are performed. Amongst others, Belly dancers also make an appearance with a stunning performance, and you will enjoy with unlimited drinks and food.

2. Istanbul Night:

This will be a great, entertaining night for you as you will be allowed to dance with belly dancers. After the dancing program, you will be taken to a high-end restaurant for a four course dinner which includes a special Turkish dessert. Afterwards, you can also venture out and enjoy night life at Biblical and Ephesus.
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