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5 Memorable Cruising Destinations thumbnail

5 Memorable Cruising Destinations

Finding the perfect holiday destination is essential, however, how does one decide on where to go aboard a cruise holiday? Well, that is all down to personal taste and places you’ve always wanted to see/visit, however, we thought we’d give you some inspiration with five of our favourite cruise holiday destinations.

 … Continue reading
Five fantastic South African summer destinations thumbnail

Five fantastic South African summer destinations

During the summer holidays, South Africans flock to the coast for beach holidays, whether on the east, south or west coast. There are numerous places to go, things to see and do, so it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed with choice, so we’ve decided to recommend five fantastic local, and unique, summer holiday … Continue reading

Top 5 holiday destinations for adrenalin junkies thumbnail

Top 5 holiday destinations for adrenalin junkies

There are a number of holiday destinations which really appeal to thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies, so to make it easier, we’re going to give you some guidance by level of the available rushes in the respective destinations.

Heli-Skiing, Canadian Rockies

Definitely not one for the fainthearted or those with … Continue reading

Our favourite mobile travel apps thumbnail

Our favourite mobile travel apps

When it comes to deciding on an app for you mobile device, whether you’re an iOS or Android user, can be tricky. There is a huge assortment of choices in both app stores, so we’re making it easy to decide which is best for you by suggesting a few of our favourites.

Kayak is one of our favourite … Continue reading

Room with a view thumbnail

Room with a view

When going on holiday, one of the most sought after forms of accommodation is without a shadow of a doubt, a room with a view. Whether it’s overlooking ski-slopes, the ocean or one of the world’s great cities, travelers love waking up to idyllic surroundings, so here are some of the best rooms, with a view imaginable. … Continue reading

Top 10 reasons to embark on a cruise holiday thumbnail

Top 10 reasons to embark on a cruise holiday

Bang for your buck – The all-inclusive single cost of a cruise holiday covers your accommodation, dining, entertainment and more, making it a very budget-friendly holiday.Romance - Secluded beaches on tropical islands, en suite dining, and drinks on a balcony overlooking the ocean before indulging in a fantastic array of spa … Continue reading

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